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In response to the traditional water plant water quality safety risks, operation and management backward and other problems, Shengda in the original water plant based on upgrading, research and development of "data acquisition system, video monitoring system, operation management system, big data analysis system" in one of the water plant renovation overall solution.
Compared with the traditional water plant in the mixing, reaction, precipitation, filtration and disinfection process through a large number of manpower, management is relatively crude, water quality is not stable and other disadvantages, Shengda Electric water plant through the use of automatic control system, to bring a "contactless" refinement of the new mode of operation, to achieve automation of water plant control, process operation intelligence, on-site operations The plant control is automated, the process operation is intelligent, the site operation is mobile, the plant security is visualized, the operation management is intelligent, and the water plant display is digitalized to ensure a higher quality and more efficient water purification process and a safer and more stable water quality.


Sundar Electric system realizes the automatic monitoring, control, measurement, payment, analysis and operation of the whole process of water service project from water extraction to water transmission and distribution, water supply station, water plant, secondary water supply and water consumption by customers, realizes the whole process, wisdom and high quality and efficiency management from water source to tap, realizes the integration of water quality, standard, service and price of urban and rural water supply, and makes water use safer and more efficient, with peace of mind and energy saving.
Advantages of Shengda Electric Platform Solution
Save manpower and reduce costs
Change the process control which used to rely on manual experience and judgment for adjustment, and form linkage with automation in real time to reduce manual intervention.
Precise control, reduce energy consumption
Through real-time modeling of big data and machine learning capability, the best production control model is established to ensure the most optimized production with the most economical drug consumption and energy consumption.
Protect water quality and improve safety
Through the continuous learning and accumulation of big data, we can establish dynamic models under various conditions to ensure the stability of water quality in water plants and improve the safety of water supply.
Technology is the first productive force, in the future, Wuhan Shengda Electric Co., Ltd. will accelerate the research and development of technological innovation in the field of intelligent water supply to ensure the safety of urban water supply, promote the development of water supply, so that more people can drink better quality tap water.