Intelligent rainwater and sewage diversion

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I. System composition
In order to improve the information level of management work and establish a network management system, industrial-grade intelligent telemetry terminal M21F4 is used to help create a remote monitoring and management system for sewage diversion treatment based on 4G/5G network. Through various detectors, sewage treatment monitoring points will be detected using various sensors and special instruments to collect physical and chemical parameters related to sewage treatment, such as the operation status of sewage treatment equipment, industrial water discharge sewage flow, sewage PH value, relative turbidity of sewage, etc. Various data are transmitted from the communication port of the monitor to the remote monitoring center station. The monitoring center carries out data summarization, collation and comprehensive analysis; at the same time, the monitoring information is transmitted to the Environmental Protection Bureau, which supervises and manages the enterprises. The intelligent and smart rainwater and sewage treatment remote monitoring system consists of four parts: monitoring center, communication network, front-end monitoring equipment and measuring equipment.
Front-end monitoring equipment: sewage monitoring terminal, valve/gate opening and closing control
Communication network: 2G/3G/4G/5G communication method is the main one, supplemented by SMS backup (Beidou satellite can be customized).
Monitoring center: cloud server, receiving and processing integration platform, etc.
Measurement equipment: rain sensor, water level meter, water quality sensor, camera or other instrument transmitter.
Second, the system functions
1, automatic control of the opening and closing of the sewage gate, the opening and closing of the river drainage valve 2, data collection terminal site collection of rainfall, water level, flow, video and other data. 3, active and regular reporting of site data, at any time to report the status change information and alarm information.
4、 Can display, store and query historical data; can modify working parameters. 5、 Support remote software upgrade and parameter setting. 6、 Data acquisition terminal is compatible with flow meters, water level meters and rain gauges produced by multiple manufacturers. 7、 Data acquisition terminal is compatible with measurement transmitters with standard signal output produced by multiple manufacturers. 8、 Telemetry station supports dedicated network transmission and reliable data transmission. 9、 Strong database support and storage capability.
III. System advantages
1、Interceptor gate valve control sewage interception 2、Prevent river and lake water backflow 3、Plant integration prefabricated 4、Dual level automatic control equipment operation 5、Rainfall, water level, flow, video real-time monitoring 6、Data alarm and equipment failure alarm reminder. 7、Unattended, automated control integration
Fourth, the value of the system
Intelligent rain and sewage diversion online monitoring system is a comprehensive application system that fully relies on the wide coverage, high bandwidth and mobility of 3G/4G wireless network to provide data transmission, video monitoring, alarm and other multi-functional features. At the same time, it is used to seamlessly interface with the widely used automation control system in industry to realize the automatic integration control of gates/valves. The data acquisition terminal is applied to various online monitoring systems in water conservancy/environmental protection/industrial control industries, and has been recognized and favored by customers in terms of stability, security, transmission fluency, and image clarity, and has been applied in many industries. Rainwater and sewage treatment has played an important role in reducing the amount of sewage discharge, improving the water environment and promoting the effective use of water resources, and is an important measure to alleviate the scarcity of water resources and improve the scientific and informational level of environmental management.